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PLUSlite 160-4

Movecat GmbH

chain hoist, BGV D8 plus, 160kg lifting capacity, 4 m/min

Technical specifications, datasheets, descriptions and tender texts for PLUSlite 160-4

short summary
chain hoist, BGV D8 plus,
160kg lifting capacity,
4 m/min
product type
Chain Hoist (D8 plus) 
product description
Movecat‘s PLUSlite chain hoists were developed as economical rigging hoists for use in media equipment environments. They are the first choice when it comes to the safe and reliable hoisting and positioning of trusses, stages, ground support structures and other devices used in media applications. Despite the attractive price point, even in the basic configuration great importance has been attached to professional quality and first-class safety equipment.
It goes without saying that load-bearing parts designed for twice the nominal load and a chain with a safety factor of „10“, as well as a high-quality transmission and two efficient DC brakes in combination with a patented overload device, are standard features of this series. The Basicplate chain guide ensures reliable chain transmission and reduces the risk of the chain jamming. The hoists are exceptionally light as well as compact and are recommended in particular for applications where space is limited.
All hoists can be used without conversion either as climbers or in the standard installation position, and most models can be converted to dual chainfall operation to increase their safe working loads. The PLUSlite chain hoists according to SQ P2 D8 Plus allow settingup and dismantling as well as installation operations without any need for the otherwise requisite ‘secondary’ safety component or the time-consuming ‘dead hang’ of the system that would otherwise be required for D8 applications.
PLUSlite hoists are supplied as standard with hoisting capacities of 18 or 24 metres respectively, a single-hole suspension eyelet, two robust handles, a permanently installed textile chain bag, screwed cable glands with 360° anti-kink protection, DC versions with an H07RN-F connector cable with a black CEE 4-pin plug and RC versions with a black CEE 4-pin plug for power and a yellow CEE 4-pin plug for remote control.
The hoists are available in both DC (direct control 400 V AC) and RC (remote control/ low-voltage 24 V DC) versions and are CE-compliant, tested, and ready for operation at the time of delivery. The chain hoists are designed for operation with Movecat phase-changing controllers in accordance with DIN 60204- 32 and EN 13849-1 and when used accordingly are certified as CE compliant provided the instructions set out in the user manual are adhered to.
A UVV specialist factory inspection prior to first use for mobile applications as well as the VDE 0701/0702 first inspection are also included.
The PLUSlite chain hoists are recommended for day-today rigging use when building up and dismantling stage, concert and studio sets in the touring business as well as in the theatrical, studio, multifunction hall and trade fair sectors. 
short, neutral tender spec text
chain hoist, 160kg lifting capacity,
4 m/min, BGV D8 plus,
direct control,
2 handles,
1 chain hook,
Basicplate chain guide,
connection cable 1 m with CEE 16/4 plug.
incl. UVV-testing, DIN VDE 0701/0702, CE sign 
product code
order code
product link
1585.00 EUR
MOQ (minimum order quantity)
1 pcs
speed controllable
AC Volts, min
380 V
AC Volts, max
415 V
AC Frequency, min
50 Hz
AC Frequency, max
60 Hz
hoist power input connector
red 3P+E IEC-60309 16A 
1023.00 BTU/h
20.00 kg
196.00 mm
186.00 mm
317.00 mm
max chain length
80.00 m
max speed
4.00 m/min
falls (in default configuration)
1 pcs
number of brakes
2 pcs
max number of falls
1 pcs
2-track geared limit switch
4-track geared limit switch
shipping weight
25.00 kg
chain color
load capacity
160 kg
brake/security level
BGV D8 plus 
integrated load cell
programmable start/stop ramps
position detection
load cell connectors
wired (star wiring) 
load cell control

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