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V-Motion 30-E

Movecat GmbH

V-Motion powerpack, for use with VMK, VMW and VMB, according to BGV C1,

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short summary
V-Motion powerpack,
for use with VMK, VMW and VMB,
according to BGV C1, 
product type
Powerpack for VariSpeed hoists (BGV C1) 
product description
V-Motion Variable Motion Powerpacks are designed for use in combination with drives of the V series from Movecat. They provide in this combination for intelligent and safe kinetic setups supporting variable speeds, meeting the highest technical standards, and complying with BGV C1. The power packs can be configured for a variety of different V series drives: V-Motion 15 for drives up to 1.5 kW, V-Motion 75 for motors rated up to 7.5 kW.
A large backlit LCD shows the operating states as well as the position, load and operating parameters of the connected hoist. Main and safety processors monitor all functions. The requisite contactor switches and safety circuits for overload and underload protection as well as operating and emergency limit switches are integrated. These are complemented by run commands the execution of which and resulting internal operating states are tested and evaluated.
In the I-Motion network, these are compared with parallel V-Motion power packs and the correctness of the way, time and load group run tested. V-Motion power packs support speeds continuously variable from zero to maximum as a closed-loop system with full torque even during runs continuing beyond the null point (true zero speed) and reversal of direction without incursion of the brakes.
Way- and time-synchronous group and load runs as well as complex scenic transformation operations in contemporary studio, theatrical and event productions are therefore possible, with the highest consideration accorded at all times to the demands of safety. The intuitive and easily mastered control elements permit the simple and intuitive configuration and handling of V-Motion power packs.
The user is guided by a logical operating structure with display output. Installation and service runs are therefore possible without any need for the connection of ancillary devices via Up and Down buttons as well as an analogue speed control. The power packs correspond in their basic configuration to BGV C1 and EN 61508 SIL 1, but they can be equipped optionally with a second processor axis board for EN 61508 SIL 3 applications and therefore for overhead scenic runs.
V-Motion Powerpacks are ready-equipped for I-Motion network operation. Up to 120 devices can be operated through an I-Motion network by a central controller (e.g. I-Motion MRC I series). In network operation, the data is transmitted bi-directionally and the user can follow and control operating parameters centrally. V-Motion Powerpacks combined with V series drives are well suited to complex, professional BGV C1, EN 61508 SIL 1 to SIL 3 applications with the most exacting kinetic and safetytechnical requirements in studio, theatre, events and tour use. 
product code
order code
product link
4880.00 EUR
I-Motion Network ports
1 pcs
speed controllable
remote control option
yes (included) 
1 pcs
power input connector
hoist power output connector
other Harting 
16.80 kg
435.00 mm
134.00 mm
455.00 mm
truss mountable
with optional accessories 
height in rack-units
3 U
brake/security level
programmable start/stop ramps
load cell connectors
wired (star wiring) 
load cell control
connection option for load cells
load cell plug type
hybrid cable 

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