Tenderspecs for planners and designers

Tenderspecs is building a data base of all relevant products for event and installation technology (TGA).
We offer a central database with filters for technical parameters to preselect products which fulfill the necessary criteria for your project.
If you are familiar with the following ‘everyday problems’ and you are regularly researching on several manufacturers websites you will safe hours with Tenderspecs in the future:

  • I need a moving light with a brightness of at least 20.000 lm, beam shapers, zoom im area of at least 15-20 degreees and max 40kg of weight. What products are eligible?
  • I need a white speaker box with a defined radiation, which is not broader than 30 cm and have a SPL of at least 120db
  • I need a projector, installed heads up in WSXGA resolution, minimal noise level and at least 6.000 ANSI lumens
  • Which truss system – as small as possible – allow for a point weight above 700 kg at a span of 10m?
  • Which white recessed lamp with a CRI>90, about 45 degree beam angle and 5400K can be used if installation depth is limited at 16cm
We offer standardized overviews of technical data and tender texts and always the direct contact to the manufacturer as well as links to the respective product websites.
With our service, we offer an enormous simplification of market research. Also with smaller projects, our service is a huge timesaver of several hours.
An export of tender texts of single products or complete lists of select products in your AVA-software (GAEB-format) is of course possible as well.

Overview of offers for planners and designers

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