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What is Tenderspecs?

  • Tenderspecs is a neutral platform providing centrally providing all technical data and tender specifications for your products (lighting, video and sound equipment, trussing, controllers and further accessories)
  • Furthermore, manufacturers can use the platform to provide additional downloads like data sheets, catalogs or product pictures as well as listing reference projects.
  • Technical planers are enabled to find recent information on a central platform and to gather tender specifications online, without worrying if their local tender specification database is up-to-date or incomplete. During the preparation of tender documents, planners have the possibility to get in contact with manufactures with just one click. .
  • Furthermore, Tenderspecs enables manufacturers to address the target group of technical planners directly – without any scattering loss.
Importance of tender processes
In the area of technical building installations, tenders are a long standing procedure, but also in the area of events, the amount is constantly rising.
In the core area of industry events, concerts, fairs and other large events in Germany and steered events by German-based agencies:
  • >60% of all contracts are tendered
  • >80% in the area of automotive events
  • Mandatory with public clients
  • Daily business of all larger planning and design agencies
  • Germany and the public sector of the EU are the main focus of classic tenders, but comparable, structured price inquiries (e.g. via standardized XLS files) are common in other areas as well.
Enable planners and decision makers to easily find your products and to use them in their tender documents.
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