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OMK 1250-4

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chain hoist, BGV C1, 1250kg working load, 4 m/min,

Technical specifications, datasheets, descriptions and tender texts for OMK 1250-4

short summary
chain hoist, BGV C1,
1250kg working load,
4 m/min,
product type
Chain Hoist (BGV C1) 
product description
OMK electric chain hoists were developed in direct connection with Movecat‘s MPC EC1 and IC1 control systems so as to form with them a single unit offering the maximum in operational safety and functional versatility for professional BGV C1 point hoist applications. The high degree of functional safety, such as the targeted monitoring and supervision of the operational and emergency limit positions, underload and overload* (*optional), power supply and duty cycle of every individual hoist ensures reliable operation. The field of application is assistance with setting-up and dismantling operations in fixed installations and simple stage runs and scene changes, including the suspension of loads over human heads. In the basic configuration, the safety equipment comprises two independent DC brakes, an adjustable underload cut-out, a four-track geared limit switch, and a patented overload system for the protection of the drive and the chain. Continuous force and form closure without interruption between the brakes and the load as well as the safe suspension of the load are guaranteed under all circumstances and at all times. OMK hoists are equipped with an internal status and test board. This employs Movecat‘s ‚traffic light‘ principle to indicate without ambiguity the current operating status and contains the testing equipment required by DIN 56950 for the operating and emergency limit switches, load-measuring system and brakes. The standard version of the OMK hoists is equipped with a single eyelet suspension, with an integrated underload cut-out on the motor side, and with a hook on the chain side. The use of a special gear in connection with a chainbag wheel plus five or more chain-link bags makes smooth and quiet operation possible. Incremental and absolute encoders, thermal overload protection, dynamic load measuring systems, additional chain storage capacity and trolleys are available as options for OMK hoists. The modular component set permits cost-efficient, projectspecific adjustments even in the case of complex and highly exacting application and safety demands.
The requisite control contactors and the power electronics are accommodated in the external controllers. Freely scalable, powerful integrated systems in accordance with BGV C1 can be realized even in mounting locations that are hard to access. The operating statuses are indicated by the relevant MPC controller and on the remote controls. OMK hoists are ready for use with Movecat MPC EC1 and IC1 controllers in accordance with DIN 60204-32 and EN 13849-1 and when used ccordingly are certified as CE compliant, provided the instructions set out in the user manual are adhered to. A UVV specialist factory inspection and the VDE 0701/0702 first inspection are also included. OMK hoists are the first choice for professional use in theatres and studios as well as conference, trade fair and multi-function halls, clubs, trade fair booths, shows and events. 
product code
order code
short, neutral tender spec text
chain hoist, 1250kg working load,
4 m/min, BGV C1,
1 cloth chain container,
1 rotating chain hook,
1 one hole lug with integrated load measurement cell,
2 brakes,
4-way limit and overtravel switch gear box,
2 handles,
Easyplate chain guide,
1,5 m PMC-HF connection cable,
included inspections:
DGUV V17/BGV C1 and VDE 0701/0702 factorycheck with inspection report and sticker 
product link
4300.00 EUR
MOQ (minimum order quantity)
1 pcs
speed controllable
AC Volts, min
380 V
AC Volts, max
415 V
AC Frequency, min
50 Hz
AC Frequency, max
60 Hz
hoist power input connector
10236.00 BTU/h
95.00 kg
486.00 mm
382.00 mm
599.00 mm
max chain length
80.00 m
max speed
4.00 m/min
falls (in default configuration)
1 pcs
number of brakes
2 pcs
max number of falls
2 pcs
2-track geared limit switch
4-track geared limit switch
shipping weight
159.80 kg
chain color
load capacity
1250 kg
brake/security level
integrated load cell
programmable start/stop ramps
position detection
load cell connectors
hybrid plug 
load cell control

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