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VMW-S 125-3-30

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winch, BGV C1 SIL3, 125kg lifting capacity, speed: 0 - 3 m/sec,

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short summary
winch, BGV C1 SIL3,
125kg lifting capacity,
speed: 0 - 3 m/sec,
product type
Winch (BGV C1 SIL3) 
product description
Movecat VMW-S 125-3-30 high-speed winch for universal use in entertainment, tour and events applications. The VMW-S 125-3-30 is tested in accordance with BGV C1 / DGU V 17, DIN 56950-1 and DGUV Principle 315-390 and approved for use above people and in manned airframes as well as conforming to EN 61508 SIL 3.
It is capable of transporting loads of up to 125 kg at speeds continuously variable from 0 to 3 metres per second. The winch achieves acceleration values up to 3m/sec². Hoisting heights of up to 30 metres are possible.
The VMW-S winch series convinces with an extremely compact format and allows operation in a wide variety of different setting-up and mounting configurations as well as 360° x 360° use in every installation position. It has an innovative, non-welded, aluminium round-tube frame structure in the 520 mm truss format and is mount-compatible with GP and ST 52 trusses, the full load handling capacity being preserved even when the device is used as a bearing structure.
Maintenancefree, or else ultra-low-maintenance, mechanical and functional elements assure problem-free use even under rigorous tour conditions. All important parts are supplied with a special protective coating to guard against corrosion or made from corrosion-free materials for touring applications, and an extensive range of accessories is available for use on the road.
The technical refinements of the entertainment winch include a dynamic loadmeasurement system that is independent of the installation position and isolated from the drive influences normally encountered. The effective load is ascertained and evaluated with precision in every installation position. An integrated cable guide with a central cable outlet located in the middle of the front side allows optimal central load application when used with trusses and optimal operation of manned airframes with two opposed winches. Only 18 centimetres separate the two opposed cables.
Reduced-noise operation, as well as such features as two independent noiseless brakes with contact-free function monitoring and an emergency lowering function; high-resolution, independent, absolute and incremental encoders; a four-level geared limit switch adjustable from the exterior for separate operating- and emergency-limit evaluation; motor temperature monitoring and a dynamic loadmeasuring system with function testing round off this highly practical package.
In closed-loop mode, hovering (true zero speed) and a change of run direction are possible without incursion of the brakes. Tried and tested in the Movecat V series, a status board displaying the most important function parameters is also integrated, along with DIN 56950-1 test functions for the separate testing of the brakes and limit switch functions. Both brakes are equipped with a manual release lever for the controlled lowering of suspended loads/persons in emergency operation.
The VMW-S 125-3-30 in conjunction with V-Motion 75 E can be integrated into the I-Motion network. 
product code
order code
short, neutral tender spec text
winch, 125kg lifting capacity,
speed: 0 - 3 m/sec,
2 brakes,
4-track limit switches,
2-channel incremental encoder,
29 bit absolute encoder,
1,5 m hybrid connection cable,
incl. UVV-inspection/initial operation in factory according to DGUV V17/BGV C1 and DIN 56950.
product link
19240.00 EUR
MOQ (minimum order quantity)
1 pcs
speed controllable
AC Volts, min
380 V
AC Volts, max
415 V
AC Frequency, min
50 Hz
AC Frequency, max
60 Hz
hoist power input connector
18766.00 BTU/h
203.00 kg
517.00 mm
517.00 mm
1500.00 mm
max chain length
30.00 m
max speed
180.00 m/min
falls (in default configuration)
1 pcs
number of brakes
2 pcs
max number of falls
1 pcs
2-track geared limit switch
4-track geared limit switch
shipping weight
203.00 kg
chain color
load capacity
125 kg
brake/security level
integrated load cell
programmable start/stop ramps
position detection
load cell connectors
hybrid plug 
load cell control

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